Exhibition Artist

Ahmed Abdullah Fadaam


Ahmed Abdullah Fadaam has taught at Elon University School of Communications since 2012 when his family came to North Carolina to escape sectarian violence in Iraq. From 1997 to 2003, he taught sculpture, freehand sketching, and human anatomy at the University of Baghdad. In the wake of the second war with America, looters destroyed his art studio and all of his work. To earn a living, Fadaam worked as a correspondent and translator for news agencies, including the New York Times, Times of London, and National Public Radio.


Fadaam and his family received death threats from armed militia.“They told me that If I didn’t stop working with the Americans, they were going to kill me, my wife, and my kids. Then, they told me the names of my kids and where they went to school. This was the time we decided to get my wife and children out of Iraq.”


Ahmed created Grace Centre gallery pieces especially for the Love > Fear event.