Christy Lafferty


Christy Lafferty is an award-winning photographer with an eye for elegance. She demonstrates creativity in her composition while respecting classic conceptions of portraiture. Recognizing the capacity of available light to deliver the most satisfying images, Christy is almost exclusively a natural light portrait artist. 


Christy is courageous to go where other photographers prefer not to—to ask of her subjects what conventional photography won’t. She prefers the simple and candid to the contrived and complicated, and understands how what’s unrehearsed tends to reveal what’s most true and enduring. She therefore takes pains to capture the seemingly inconsequential moments that later turn out to be immeasurably captivating.


Unhurried in her manner and confident that a session will yield a piece of art that you and your family will be proud to display, Christy realizes that any given portrait is an expression of your belief that this moment was important enough to preserve. Providing you images your family will cherish for generations is her unwavering goal.


Legacy Portraiture—more than portraits, heirloom art.