Much of my time as an educator was spent focusing on the connection between literacy and inquiry, and I retired after more than 35 years in the classroom I earned a Ph.D. in Elementary Education in 2005, and National Board certification in literacy the following year.


My doctoral work involved a collaborative exploration of language and culture with a refugee family from Somalia, and it was this experience that drew me to the Love> Fear project. During the year I spent with this family, I served as a home/school liaison, helping the children learn to read, write and speak English, as well as assisting the parents to become active participants in their children’s education.


I began this work as an expert, but found that by the end of our time together, my role had evolved from teacher into learner. They taught me that hospitality is a mindset, not a feast; that real trust is hard-won; and most importantly, that I was most helpful to them when I was first willing to learn from them.