Chelsea Lynn LaBate spent years honing her stellar song-writing skills at the same school as Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Joni MItchell, Janis Joplin – the stages of NYC’s Lower East Side. She quickly became known for her lush “song stories” and rich lyrics which explore magic, small town characters, imaginative lovescapades, demons, dragons and romantic rituals.


Her ghostly ballads, combine an intricate finger picking style with a warbling voice that captivates and stuns. Compared to the works of Feist, Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple, Chelsea Lynn has been prolific in her writing, and has composed and recorded dozens of songs since picking up the guitar in 2003 and is currently composing for her own orchestra, Ten Cent Orchestra.


She has toured extensively throughout Europe and the East Coast of the US and now is based in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she continues to write, play and construct her colorful compositions.