Wattle & Dub


Timothy Allmond cried out when he was born and hasn’t stopped making noise since. He started playing drums at 12 — built his first set out of buckets and scrap metal. He later lied about his age and washed dishes to earn money for his first drum set, which got his family kicked out from the trailer park.


Tim grew up very poor in what is now known as the hood. He dreamed of getting away and proving that he was something special.


Ultimately, music was his way out and a way to belong to and understand the world. It was, and still is, a way for him to create his world. Tim has seen a lot, but music grounds him. He plays guitar, harmonica, drums and sings. Tim loves to build new music that is a blend of sounds, then collaborate, give, layer, create and move on.


Wattle&Dub features Michael Leshaun, Jonathan Jackson, Genell Allmond, and Kathleen Ray.