Wattle&Dub : LOVE > FEAR

As I began my songwriting research for the Love > Fear event, I realized how ignorant I was of the amount of suffering and displacement happening across our planet.

It’s not that I didn’t care; it’s just that the issue had yet to capture my heart. My research made it become a story, and story makes it about human beings. That’s when it became real to me.

I am involved in the Love > Fear event because I would like to help tell the story of the plight of the refugee. I know from personal experience that when we tell stories, it will move people to engage others in conversations and awaken hearts to help.

In the process of creating for this event, I have had to put aside my fears. I am a lover of people and caring, but I had to admit to the subtle prejudices I held, so I could let them go. I believe there are a lot of people like me, who, given the facts and stories, will pursue opportunities to build relationships with local refugee families. As they do so, they will soon realize that love not fear will overcome oppression, hatred, and ignorance.

Love > Fear

– Tim Allmond, Wattle&Dub